Most parts of trucks are made from metals like aluminum, iron, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and other metals. As primary operation, we outsource our casting operations thanks to the very professional manufacturers in Turkey. The casting quality of Turkish companies is very well known in the world and we have very good partner companies having all necessary certificates and years of experience.

Cutting and Primary Grinding

The casted goods are cut and grinded for quick and efficient removal defects, alpha casing or gauge reduction. Latest technology equipments are used for perfect result and quality control is applied for the best results in the following production steps.

CNC Grinding Operation

We utilize CNC technology in our production in order to enable constant quality and cost efficiency. Thanks to modern equipments we can manufacture and process any customized products as well.

Welding Operation

Most of our welding operations are done by latest technology machines and equipments. In order to avoid human factor and maintaining the quality in all the products we are using self-operating welding machines/robots.

Finishing Operation

According to the product we apply finishing processes like sand blasting, powder coating, polishing etc. While most of finishing processes are made by special machineries, our professional personnel also check the results and operate this process as an artist in order to achieve the best finishing.


After production and finishing stages, the equipments are assembled carefully and every step of this process is double-checked in order to avoid any errors and to achieve the best result. Our assembly lines enable us to assemble the products faster than our competitors which is very important for our customers.

Quality Control

Every step of our productions starting from Casting to Assembly is controlled by our quality control personnel. Due to our strong Quality Control Program we have received certificates like ISO 9001:2000, TSEK, TÜV and relevant quality assurance documents. Also, we send “GL Trailer Parts Quality Certificate” with all our shipments which gives the comfort and guarantee of choosing us to our customers.


When all the stages are completed, your goods are packed in accordance with international standards. Packing is made as strong as possible in order to avoid any damages or loses during transport. We guarantee safe arrival of your goods.


Due to our strong and long term cooperation with the reputable transport companies, we are proud to offer very special transport costs and shortest transit times to our customers. As being located in the centre of Turkey, we are close to Mersin Port for sea transport, only 10 minutes away from Konya airport for air transport and the truck leaving Konya at night will be entering to EU in the next morning.

We also offer next day delivery by airway courier for your urgent requirements.

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